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The Myosotis Trust is a particular focus for support by the parish, having been founded by a parishioner who first visited an especially deprived part of Romania in 1995. The Trust, many of whose trustees are local, has developed and supports a number of projects in Barlad in Romania.

The Trust has worked towards the founding of a sister charity in Romania which now is fully fledged and locally run and is able to further establish the wonderful work done over many years.

Projects in Barlad include: Esme House, for the rehabilitation and care of children with special needs; a Health Centre, founded in 1999 for health education, family planning and with a much needed focus on the health of women and families; the establishment of a large group of young volunteers who, as well as developing their own life skills, run local Guide and Scout groups, organise Summer camps and provide holidays for handicapped children.

For more information see the Myosotis Trust website.


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