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Cursillo (pronounced koor-see-oh) is a Christian movement, originating in Spain, which helps people to grow in faith through prayer, study and action. It is organised at diocesan level under the auspices of the British Anglican Cursillo Council, and in this diocese has the full approval and support of the Bishop of London.

People join the movement by attending a three-day residential weekend, which is staffed by lay people and clergy. A Cursillo weekend is not so much a spiritual retreat as an inspiring experience of being in a loving Christian community where every individual is cared for and appreciated. There is no fasting and little time for solitude but much opportunity for worship and prayer.  Since Cursillo was introduced in this diocese in 2000, more than 30 people from St Martin’s have taken part.

A unique feature of Cursillo is the support after the weekend. People meet in small groups to support and encourage one another on their spiritual journeys and in lives of active witness to Christ.

Further information can be found at the British Anglican Cursillo website and the London website .  You can also pick up a leaflet at the back of the church or contact Chris Hoppett the Parish Coordinator.

"Cursillo has been very powerfully used by God in the renewal of Christians and Christian communities of all styles and backgrounds. I am deeply grateful for all that has been done through its work."

Baron Williams of Oystermouth, former Archbishop of Canterbury

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