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Notices 25th March 2018  

The Meeting of Parishioners and

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

will take place on Tuesday 24th April

 7.30 p.m. in the Church Hall.

 Nomination forms for the elections of 2 Churchwardens, 15 PCC members,  1 Deanery Synod member, existing & new Sidespeople are at the back of church.


 Packs containing the agenda, accounts and other information will be available nearer the time.

Please watch out for these and collect your copy.

 If you have any queries please contact Linda Gibson PCC Secretary or the Parish Office.


BWI Bags of Help

Our project (Developing Spaces for Developing Minds) along with the other two successful projects in our region will go forward to a vote in Tesco stores where their customers will decide the outcome by voting for their favourite project each time they shop. The voting consists of putting a token into the box labelled with name of the school and our project title.It is sometimes necessary to ASK for a token as they are not always offered! 

Voting will take place from Thursday 1st March - Monday 30th April 2018 and we will be notified, at the end of May 2018 confirming the amount of funding we will receive. The project with the highest number of votes across our region will receive £4,000, the second placed project £2,000 and the third placed project £1,000.


Sound System A new ‘T’ Loop System has been installed.  Please ensure your hearing aid is switched to the correct setting.

Easter Gift: If you would like to contribute to our usual gift for Fr Simon, please collect an envelope from the back of Church and hand your offering either to a sidesperson or to the Churchwardens.

Pilgrimage to Rome: Preparation Mass and Meeting, Wednesday 4th April, 7.15pm.

Are you interested in Parish Archives?  We are forming a group to review our archives held at S. Martin's.  If this appeals to you, please contact the Parish Office.

Easter Cards - These will be on display (and Sale) at the back of Church Saturday/Sunday from 3rd March.

Pastoral Visiting Skills  A course has been set up by the diocese to provide some training in pastoral visiting skills; 2 evenings and one Saturday morning in April.  It will take place at St Martin’s.  If you are interested please speak to Fr Simon.

S Martin’s Challenge Please support Lewis’ Owens charity run, from S Martin’s Ruislip to S Martin’s Canterbury.  Leaving Ruislip Friday 23rd March and arriving at Canterbury, Sunday 1st April, in aid of the Myosotis Trust and Prisoners’ Education Trust.  See website for more details:                            

Can you help at BWI? BWI is looking for volunteers to come and read with the children.  If anyone from          S Martin's Church would like to do this, please will they phone the Head, Gill Westbrook, on 01895 633520.

PARISH OFFICE QUIET DAY Please observe the Parish Office quiet day EVERY Wednesday.  Do not disturb!


 Hillingdon Credit Union 

Launching at Christ the King.  Credit Unions are Co-operatives owned and controlled by local members.  It is monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority (guaranteeing £85,000 for depositors).  It aims to   encourage members to save (current interest rate 1.00% on savings) and to provide low cost loans to members. For more information call 01895 250958 or visit

St Martin’s Toddler Group:  Can you join our group of  volunteers.  Friday mornings in term time, 9am-12noon. Please contact Gill Dargue in the Parish Office 01895 625456..

Safeguarding Officer: Judith Kaplan can be contacted anytime.  All communication will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.  07803 159130 or [email protected]

URGENTLY WANTED  We are looking for someone to organize the rota and to serve drinks to the mothers and toddlers, Friday mornings 9.15-11.00am in term time. Present incumbent is retiring after nearly 20 years!   Please contact  Pat Turner 020 8866 3396 or  Emma Hodgson 07970 220685.


Record of Family Worship

  If you wish your child to be considered for a school place in a local Church School, you must ensure you sign the  Record of Family Worship Forms available in Church.

 The clergy wish to give as much support as possible to any applications.  Parents must provide evidence they have worshiped at S Martin’s for the length of time required by the school’s admissions criteria.

 Make sure you check the school’s website for details.

 It is the responsibility of parents to fulfil the School’s admission criteria.


       Important Dates for your Diary:   


9th April, 7.30pm Sung Mass - Annunciation to Our Lady.

      24th April, 7.30pm - APCM.

 9th May, 12.45pm - Outlookers Charity Lunch.

 9th May, 7.30pm - Confirmation.

21st-26th May - Parish Pilgrimage to Rome.





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