Mystery Mission


At the end of February some of our young people went on a Mystery Mission - it took them across the City of London one Sunday afternoon. They followed clues in street names, statues and history romping all over the Square Mile and south of the River in teams - from Bow Street to Borough Market. Using detective skills, cameras and a little help from google they pieced together the trail that tested their knowledge of our Faith, the City, history, general knowledge, and just plain common sense and observation.

The challenge ended where we had begun at the amazing Saint Alban’s Church, Holborn. At a brief service before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament followed by Benediction we learnt that S. Paul had talked about our Christian faith in a similar way - as a challenge, a race to be run. With endurance, the help of our ‘team mates’: the Church, and the grace of God we have to keep running to the very end.




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