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Dear All,


First, can I say a massive thank you for all the good wishes we have received as a family. This has meant a huge amount to us and made us feel very much ‘at home’ here in Ruislip.

Secondly, thank you to all who have worked so hard over the past few months ensuring that the worship and witness of St Martin’s has continued. This has also enabled me to settle into the devotional pattern of life much quicker. It has also meant that we have a foundation which allows us to develop our life together. With that in mind can I flag up a few things which we need to support as we move forward.


Sunday Mass Times

From this Sunday our Mass times are as follows:


8am: Book of Common Prayer Said Mass

9.15am: Parish Mass Solemn Mass with incense etc and Children’s Work followed by coffee.

11.15am Parish Mass Informal Mass (presently!) no Children’s Work followed by wine!


Reverting back to this old pattern does have implications, as well as much to rejoice in. Please be open to the pleas for help. We will need rotas filling. If you have ever wanted to have the privilege of reading, leading the intercessions or even being a Sunday Sommelier or Barista now would be a great time to offer.


Please do consider how you can help.


If you would like any further details please speak to me, or one of the wardens, Ian and/or Jacqueline, who will be able to point you in the right direction.


Altar Servers

Part of the richness of the tradition of our church is that it encourages people, young and old, to be involved in our worship. Another essential part of that, as well as what has already been mentioned, is our team of servers.


I know some have served the parish in this way in the past and some of you may be thinking about getting involved. If you would like to be a part of the serving team that would be very much appreciated. We have an amazing team here, but they would love some help especially as the new vicar has re-introduced the 11.15!


Therefore, on 11th February at 4.30pm Alan and I will run a training session.


Please let Alan or me know if you are interested and do come along.


Finally, Confirmation

On Ascension Day (18th May) at 7.30pm Bishop Lusa will be with us for our Confirmation Mass.


On this day candidates will confirm their desire to fulfil their baptism vows, and the bishop will give the sacrament of Confirmation by laying his hands on, and anointing, the candidates. In doing this, he will be asking the Holy Spirit to confirm gifts upon the candidates so that they may serve God in the Church and World. This wonderful sacrament of the Church is offered to all adults and children who are in Year 6 or are 11 years old and above.


The preparation begins with the Rite of Call which will take place on 5th March and be followed by Confirmation Classes on most Wednesday’s up to Ascension Day.


It would be wonderful to have a good number for our bishop to confirm, so if you are not confirmed already please come and have a word with me.


Finally, finally, honest! Apologies for the length of this mailshot, but these are immediately pressing issues.


Again, thank you for allowing me the honour of serving you as your priest. I so look forward to accompanying you on our life and mission together.

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