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The Rainbow Promise

"I promise that I will do my best to love my God and to be kind and helpful." 

All Rainbows make this simple Promise that they share with members around the world.

Rainbows at St Martin's

At St Martin’s we have two sponsored Rainbow Units:

2nd Ruislip (St Martin's) meet in the Church Hall on Thursdays from 4.30pm – 5.30pm.

9th Ruislip meet in the Guide Hut in Bury Street on Thursdays from 4.30pm – 5.30pm

What do Rainbows do?

Rainbows have fun! 

They take part in indoor and outdoor activities as part of their programme called the Rainbow Jigsaw. Their meetings are full of games and activities, which provide challenging opportunities for Rainbows to think for themselves and take an active part in unit decision-making.

Everything a Rainbow does helps her to develop – it’s an opportunity to look, learn, laugh and love. 

Church Parade is part of our programme and we ask that all Rainbows attand.  All Parade Masses start at 11.15am.  


December 1st


February 2nd

March 22nd

May 3rd

June 7th

July 3rd

October 4th

November 1st

December 6th

Rainbow Wear

A Rainbow chooses her outfit from a range of Rainbow wear. There is something to suit every Rainbow whatever she is doing, indoors or out.

The full range of official Rainbow wear can be found in our District Guide Shop. This is situated in the Guide Hut near the Great Barn, Bury Street and is open on the second and fourth Wednesdays in term time between 4 – 5pm and 8 - 9pm. 

Guiders from all the Ruislip units man it voluntarily. All the profits go to Ruislip District.

Who can be a Rainbow?

Rainbows is open to all girls aged from five to seven years of age. Girls then transfer to the Brownies when they reach the age of  seven. 

If you are interested in joining Rainbows and would like to find out more then please contact the Rainbows Leaders via the Parish Office for further details.

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