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Journey Into Faith

Journey into Faith is a course of Christian study that provides a foundation to help understand what it means to be ‘Christian’ and aims to enable people to grow in faith, strengthen belief and reinvigorate Christian life in order to live Spirit-centred lives within a loving community.


If you wish to confirm or reaffirm your Faith, or to recapture the basic teachings of Christianity, or to explore your faith in more depth, then this is for you.


The course runs in parallel with the Adult Confirmation course from January to Confirmation day in May, followed by three sessions in June and two sessions in November, concluding on Sunday ‘Christ the King’. Those who wish to reaffirm their faith can do so before the Bishop at the Confirmation Service in May.


Meetings are held in the Bec Room on Wednesdays between 8.00pm and 9.30pm (after the 7.15pm Eucharist). The meetings are lively and interactive involving some teaching, sharing thoughts, and discussing topics in groups, thereby learning from one another’s knowledge and experience.


Subjects include: belief, ‘God is there and he matters’, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, the human condition, the Bible, prayer, the sacraments, living in community. The course also explores the many questions people have regarding faith, church practices, liturgy and seasons of the church year.


If you are interested then please speak to David Hudson or Fr Simon.

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