Our church building is now open every day and public worship has resumed. Attendance at the main weekend services is limited to people who have pre-registered - click here for more details.

Resources for worship, bible study, and prayer are available on this website and on our Facebook page in this difficult time.

We continue to be a family and community; let us pray for each other.


We are also acting on the Government’s advice on social distancing. This means, among other things, that use of the Church Hall is restricted to organised activities for which Risk Assessments have been approved. See here for more information.

In addition:


  • The Parish Office is closed but the Parish Administrator, Gill Dargue, can still be contacted via email ( and telephone (01895 625456)

  • Meetings of all kinds are discontinued

  • The Confirmation programme is suspended and the Confirmation service planned for Ascension Day is postponed to Wednesday, 21st October

  • Fr Yaro's Ordination Service will now take place on Saturday, 26th September


In order to mitigate the impact of these measures, the following actions are being taken:


  • A video recording of Mass is available on this website every week.

  • An email group including all members of the Electoral Roll has been established (from which individuals can request to be removed) so that information can be shared easily.

  • The clergy is making a range of devotional material available - by email, on this website and on our Facebook page.


The clergy and churchwardens will stay in regular communication as the situation continues to unfold. These arrangements may well need to change as time goes on.

During this difficult period, we need to be mindful of the more vulnerable members of our community. If you are aware of other parishioners who need support, because of illness or other hardship, please contact a member of the clergy.

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