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Urgent Appeal

by Terry Dean on behalf of the Michael Sobell Hospice

Even the most well-intentioned plans can be knocked off course.


Only a little while ago, after a long and protracted struggle, we were celebrating the reopening of the refreshed and reinvigorated Michael Sobell Hospice and the intake of its first patients.


Now here we are, just a few months later, wondering if it will all have been in vain. The Hospice is currently still open and doing what it does best - providing exemplary care for those at the end of their lives.


But all of the Michael Sobell Hospice shops are shut - putting and end to their regular and crucial source of income. All the fundraising events such as the Golf Day, the Bike Ride, the Trivia Quiz with Shaun Wallace and, of course, the Ladies in the Night Walk, have all had to be cancelled or at least provisionally postponed. It is a dire situation.


So I am appealing to everyone who is in a position to assist to put their hand in their pocket and help the Hospice survive the critical next few months.


Thank goodness we got the Hospice reopened when we did. But we must not let these dedicated, special people who work there down now, their work is even more challenging but also more important in these scary times.


Unfortunately it is just not enough to occasionally come out of our houses and give them a clap.


So if you would like to make a one off donation please follow this link - every little helps!


Or if you would like to set up a regular direct debit or standing order, follow the link below:


It is even more important in these troublesome times that we financially support the Hospice to secure its future.

Whatever monetary assistance you can offer to help the Charity get through this very difficult period, when it was only just beginning to get back on its fund-raising feet, will be repaid many times over through the knowledge that we saved the Michael Sobell Hospice not once, but twice!

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