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Stations of The Cross

Greetings as we journey further into Lent,


I encourage and invite you to take part in our Friday evening Lent devotion starting at 7.15pm: Mass and Stations of the Cross.


This is something we can do in a safe and distanced way, either following the journey around the church or staying in our pew and facing towards each station in turn.


We can’t sing any hymn verses between the stations, but it occurred to me that, with our masks on, we could quietly whisper the Taize chant: “Jesus, remember me, when you come into your kingdom…” (the words of the penitent thief at Calvary). So long as we don’t project our voices, but simply whisper, it will be perfectly safe.


I do hope you’ll come and take part and encourage others to come too.


Best wishes,


Fr Simon

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