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Giving Review 2024

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Over the past year, I have had the chance to discover what a remarkable parish church St Martin’s is, in the way it seeks to serve and bless our community and the wider Church and world.


I am writing to thank you for all that you give and have given as St Martin’s supports this ministry. In so doing, I am thinking not just of all your financial donations but also your direct involvement, efforts and the expertise you bring. The ministry of our church changes lives both in our church and in the

wider community.


As regards the financial position of St Martin’s, the church, like many families and individuals around the country, is suffering increased costs of essential overheads such as gas, electricity and insurance. As a consequence, we are not currently managing to cover even our own ministry costs, and thus, our Diocesan responsibilities. As you may know, previously as a church St Martin’s also supported, through a contribution to what is called in our Diocese, the “Common Fund”, other churches which are located in areas of significant need and deprivation or are suffering heavily reduced congregations. Many churches can only continue to exist through such funding. However, recently St Martin’s has had to reduce its Common Fund contribution in order that we do not live beyond our financial means.


I am writing to ask that you review your regular giving to the church now and especially during the Giving Review which will take place from 9th to 30th June.


All this will enable us to...


  • Express our thanks to God for all his blessings and the gift of one another.

  • Give glory to God here at the Altar.

  • Sustain and develop our activities for our children, our young people and the elderly; extend our care for the wider community, the bereaved and the sick and our welcome to those coming for baptisms, for those we meet in local outreach and help those in need, both home and abroad by giving to mission.

  • Pay our bills, for gas and electricity, insurance, and for our clergy through the Common Fund – our contribution to the cost of our clergy, and hopefully those in other parishes.


To meet this challenge I am asking each individual and household in the church to do just three things:


1. To review his, her or the household’s financial commitment to our church.

2. To make that financial commitment by signing up to regular giving with the Parish Giving Scheme (QR Code below). Here is the web link.

 3. To make sure we can claim “Gift Aid” on your financial commitment by completing the declaration in your Parish Giving Scheme account. I’m sure most of you know, but Gift Aid allows St Martin’s, as the recipient of your donations, to claim back from the government the tax paid on the equivalent amount of your donation, thereby increasing what we receive by an extra 25p for each pound you donate.


By carefully considering our generosity through giving, I’m convinced that God will bless our church so we can bless others and we will see our financial problems resolved.


For more information please download the Giving Review leaflet or chat to Ken Wild or Chris White or David Saltmarsh (the Giving Review Team).


Yours in partnership in the Gospel,


Fr. Robert B. Chapman



Parish Giving Scheme QR Code for St Martin’s:

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