Maintenance Team Needed - Can you Help?

Our church, hall and churchyard are generally well-maintained and in good condition, but we still need to be vigilant and respond as problems occur, especially during the current pandemic. Gutters need to be cleared to avoid flooding - as occurred in the hall, back in August. Leaks are showing in the roof above the extractor fan in the Ladies toilet. One or two light fittings are not working.


We will end up paying a lot of money If we have to call in external contractors to do all these minor jobs.


Instead, we are planning to establish a maintenance team with the help of willing volunteers, from the community of St Martin's. They will tackle not only the routine checks needed but also any minor repairs that crop up from time to time. We envisage setting up a WhatsApp group so that team members can easily determine who is available - and when - to obtain the necessary materials and undertake the work. This approach will make it easy for us to ensure the work is spread across a wide base with nobody being unduly burdened.


Malcolm Roberts has for many years done much of this repair work but now needs to share the responsibility. We want team members to work with Malcolm in the next year or so - learning where things are, how to safely gain access to equipment and how best to execute the work.


If you are interested in joining the team, can spare some time and want to know more about what is involved, please contact Ian Keys (, Mark Stimpson ( or Alan Seymour (

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