For Very Young People

Friday 4th December

Story Week 3:

Parents and Children


God's Love Is So Wonderful

Craft: Family Christmas Tree

The Healthy Snack:

You can make your own family Christmas tree.

What You Need:


·       Green and brown paper (stiff) for making the tree

·       Scissors and glue

·       Coloured paper for baubles

·       Star stickers


How to make the tree


·       Trace and cut out the shape of a tree and glue it to the paper.

·       Write the names of family members on the bauble cut outs.

·       Glue the baubles to the tree.

·       A beautiful family Christmas tree is ready.

Emma's Friday treat:

A cup of English Breakfast tea and a Highland Shortbread biscuit.

Friday 28th November

Story Week 2:

The Ark and the Animals


The Animals Went in Two by Two

Craft: The Ark

The Healthy Snack: Teddy Bear Toast

You will need:

  • One slice of bread

  • Greek yogurt

  • Three slices of banana

  • Two slices of strawberry 

  • Three blueberries

  • Nut or seed butter

  • A teddy bear shaped cookie cutter

Toast the bread, then use the cookie cutter to make a teddy bear shape. Spread nut butter onto the bread, and use yogurt to add the fruit to make the ears and face.

Emma's Friday treat:

A yummy Jaffa cake with a steaming hot, Fairtrade, instant mug of coffee.

Friday 6th September

Story Week 1:

The Seventh Day and the Snake


Crawling Like a Snake

Screenshot 2020-11-06 at 4.34.26 PM.png


Snake Plates

The Healthy Snack: Strawberry and Banana snake

Emma's Friday treat: a jammy dodger with a cup of Assam tea

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