For Toddlers and Young Children


Moses And The Burning Bush


Moses Song

Craft: Moses And The Burning Bush

  1. Get a clear, plastic cup (or clear yoghurt/fruit pot if you want to recycle).


  1. You can either cut yellow, red and orange tissue paper/card into strips, or colour strips of plain paper/card into yellow, red and orange.


  1. Stick the strips of tissue paper, card or paper into the clear plastic cup or container.


  1. You can write, ‘Here I am’, and/or draw a picture of a bush to stick on the outside of the plastic cup or container.

Burning Bush Colouring Sheet - click here

The Healthy Snack:

Arrange some carrot sticks, yellow pepper and tomatoes like a fire!  Perhaps use some mini breadsticks or break up some big breadsticks to be the bush at the bottom of the fire!

Emma's Friday treat:

A cup of English Breakfast Tea and a chocolate digestive!

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