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A Baptism is a joyous event, the sign and seal of a new life in Christ. It is also the way of entering into the life of the Church and many families bring their children to St Martin’s for Baptism.

The clergy are always happy to discuss the significance and importance of Christian Baptism, any practical questions that may arise in planning your child’s Baptism and the responsibilities of bringing up children in the Christian Faith.

We have a policy of personally visiting all families of children who are to be baptised and doing our best to welcome them into the Church’s life.

If you would like your child to be baptised at St Martin’s then please speak to a member of the clergy or contact us via the Parish Office.

Adults who have not been baptised as children may find themselves wishing to make a commitment to Christ and to the life of the Church.  This is not uncommon and in such cases Baptism is administered as part of the preparation for Confirmation.

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