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Clergy and Officers
Fr Robert Chapman.jpg
Fr Robert Chapman
Fr Michael website_edited.jpg
Associate Priest
Fr Michael Bedford


Jacqueline Alderton

Peter Golby

Parish Clerk/Administrator

Gill Dargue

Director of Music

Viktoria Goncharova

Licensed Lay Ministers

Chris Hoppett*

Lay Pastoral Assistants

Nina Gibbins, Alison Rollin*,  Pat Aldous

Safeguarding Officer

Judith Kaplan

Children's Advocate

Sue Hammond

PCC Secretary

Catherine Tugnait


PCC Treasurer

Andrew Hutchinson

PCC Electoral Roll Officer

Jo Wild

Deanery Synod Representatives

Bethan Dartnaill, Ruth Bitok, Chris Hoppett, Sarah Jacob, Judith Kaplan, Karen Overy, Helen Pye-Beraet, Alison Rollin, Judith Roberts

Parochial Church Council (PCC)

For further information on how St Martin's is organised, click here

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