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Bible Reading Fellowship

The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) is a Christian charity that began in 1922 when a vicar in an Anglican church in Brixton wanted to help his congregation, in his words, 'to get a move on spiritually'. He started to offer a leaflet of daily Bible readings, along with a midweek discussion group and the encouragement to pray for the parish. This so transformed the spiritual life of the parish that before long other churches were asking for copies of the leaflets for their own congregations.


Today Bible Reading, Prayer & Spirituality and Discipleship remain the three core strands of BRF's ministry. At the heart of this ministry is the desire to help people of all ages - children, adults and families - to explore Christianity and to grow in faith by helping people to engage with the Bible and prayer, and by resourcing Christian discipleship. Most people need help with reading and understanding the Bible for themselves and BRF has been publishing Bible reading notes since January 1922.


Four different series of notes are available – New Daylight, Guidelines, The Upper Room and Day by Day with God – and each series is published three times a year with each issue containing four months of notes.


Around thirty members of St Martin’s congregation currently subscribe to these notes and a collective order is placed on their behalf to reduce costs. Copies of recent issues are held in the Parish Office. If you would like to view these or if you are interested in subscribing to a series then please contact the Parish Office.

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