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This Week's Readings Sunday 16th January 2022                                                                                    For you to read, to reflect on and to lead your prayer

Isaiah 62.1-5

In which the Prophet repeats the promise of the Lord, that Zion will not be left in darkness forever. The Lord will bring about the salvation of Zion, and Jerusalem will be the wonder of the nations. The zeal of the Lord for His people is great, and will not forsake the land he gave to their ancestors. His love for His people is great, and can be compared to the love of a bridegroom for His bride.

I Corinthians 12.4-11

In which S. Paul enumerates the gifts of the Spirit. There are many different gifts one may be granted, and there are varieties of service one may be called to offer. Some have great wisdom, some great faith, some can heal, or prophecy, or discern. However, we must never forget that all gifts and all service come from the one and the same Spirit. We are diverse in our talents, but united in our worship of Jesus Christ.

John 2.1-11

In which S. John tells of the first miracle of Christ: the Wedding Feast at Cana. Christ, His disciples, and His mother are at a wedding at which the wine gives out. Jesus calls the stewards to draw water from the jars set aside for the rites of purification, and it comes out as wine - the finest wine the steward has tasted. In this miracles, Christ gives us a foretaste of the joyous abundance of the Kingdom of Heaven.