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This Week's Readings 19th September

For you to read, to reflect on and to lead your prayer

Wisdom 2.12, 17-20

In which the wicked plot to insult and torture the righteous man, on account of his reproaches. They doubt the righteousness of God, and assume that He shall not save the righteous man.

James 3.16-4.3

In which the Apostle warns of the divisions caused by jealousy and envy, which arise from worldly affections; rather, he commends cleaving to the Wisdom of God, which is the source of peace and gentleness.

Mark 9.30-37

In which Jesus teaches the disciples further that the Son of Man must die, and then shall be raised. The disciples go on to argue who of them is the greatest,  to which Jesus warns them that greatness comes in the form of the innocency and humility of a child.