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About St Martin's
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Welcome To Our Website


St Martin’s Church has an amazing history that stretches back to before the Norman conquest. Today, that story continues, for you will find a church community that is large and engaged in a great diversity of activities involving people of all ages.


At the heart of everything is the daily worshipping life of this church where Mass is celebrated twice on Sundays and on every weekday, accompanied by the quiet rhythm of Morning and Evening Prayer. The church is open every day from early morning until early evening so that people can come in and spend some time being still, surrounded by the beauty of a building set aside for prayer.


Next door, the church hall hosts a constant variety of community activities.


We hope you will enjoy exploring the life of this place which continues to speak of the presence of God in our midst.


A Community


Essential to the life of this church is the sense of welcome and belonging that everyone can enjoy as part of the community.


We are a family of people of all ages, for whom God is important and has a central place in our lives. We are ordinary people who try to follow Jesus Christ, and who care about the values of our society and the life of our local area, as well as the world around us. We are part of the Church of England.


More Than A Building


It is a place where people meet every day to pray together, where they can experience times of quiet and reflection, as well as joyous celebration. It is a meeting place too for the activities of all ages - the adjacent Church Hall is also available for use by the wider community.


How To Get Here


St Martin's Church is located at the corner of the High Street and Eastcote Road in Ruislip, a suburb of London, England, north-west of the city centre. Details of how to get here can be found on our Find Us page.

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