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Young Church

During both the 9.15am and 11.15am Sunday masses during school term-time, St Martin’s holds Young Church in the Church Hall. Young Church has been developed over many years to be more than a traditional Sunday School, giving young children the opportunity to take part in enjoyable worship and fun teaching as well as activities especially geared to suit them.


At Young Church we follow the Gospel and make it enjoyable and child friendly, with fun activities, games and crafts. We have a group of craft leaders who provide crafts every week and a number of helpers who assist the children and make sure the children are safe and enjoy their time.

The children begin the service in Church and go out to the Hall shortly after the start, returning later on in the service for the time of communion so that families begin and end the service together.

All children are welcome to participate in Young Church at whichever of the two services you are attending – just ask a Sidesman or women if you are unsure about how your children can join in.

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