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Flower Arranging

The flowers in St.Martin’s church have for many years been arranged by ladies (and occasionally by gentlemen) of the Parish on a voluntary rotational basis. Flowers are bought, arranged and cared for every week except during Lent and Advent.


Arrangements are placed at the Pulpit and in the Porch, together with a posy at the Aumbry, the statue of St. Martin and the Statue of Our Lady in the Lady Chapel. At Christmas, Easter and Harvest, flowers are also arranged at the Altar and the window-sills are decorated.


Flowers are provided in Church for other special occasions such as Ordinations and for weddings, for which the couples pay a fee to cover the costs incurred. The flower team respond to requests for flower arrangements to commemorate anniversaries, funerals and other personal events, for which a fee is paid.


The flowers are usually purchased (using church funds) on Thursdays, mostly from Uxbridge Market but sometimes locally in Ruislip, and they are placed in buckets of water for a good drink before they are arranged on Friday ready for the weekend. One person is normally in charge each week and they will buy the flowers, placing them into water (with help from others on the week’s rota), ready for that week's team to arrange the flowers.  Team members normally make one arrangement each.


We shall always be glad if other ladies or gentlemen join the team. None of us is a professional but we have learned by taking part. If anyone is interested in having a go, working in our beautiful Church with lovely flowers, please contact the Parish Office to be put in touch with a member of the team.

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