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Children's Holiday Club

Each year for a week of mornings in the summer, St Martin's runs a Holiday Club for children from 5 to 11 years old. The club has operated since the late 1990s and provides a range of exciting and enjoyable activities on a different theme each year.

Children spend the mornings in a safe environment, learning, playing and having fun together. The club is fully supervised by adults with appropriate clearances. We provide an exciting range of activities with drama, teaching, singing, cooking and a wide range of crafts and other activities.

Many of the children who experience the club come back year after year and then, as they get older, offer themselves to help out with groups during the week. Many of those who have taken part now have the appropriate clearances themselves and take a full part in the organisation and running of the Holiday Club week.

The club culminates in an enjoyable celebration Mass on the Sunday at the end of the week, geared especially to the children who have participated in the week.

For more information contact the Parish Office.

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