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Church Cleaning

Visitors entering St Martin’s frequently remark about the beauty of the Church and the peaceful atmosphere of prayer which has come down through the ages.


To help keep the Church well cared for, inviting and attractive to visitors, a small team of volunteers perform a number of light cleaning duties to supplement our regular cleaner. New people are always welcome to join this team to help maintain St Martin’s as we all know it.  For more information please contact Joan Asquith, via the Parish Office.


About twice a year there is a Work-In organised by the churchwardens, generally on a Saturday morning, when the congregation is invited to undertake additional maintenance tasks such as lime-washing beneath the choir stalls, vacuuming the high window-sills, oiling the external doors, cleaning the votive candle stand, cleaning the brasses and wall monuments, and so on.  Dates and details of the Work-In are publicised in the Bulletin at the time.

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