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Parish Archives

St Martin’s is very fortunate that, back in the 1950s, Lawrence Morris, a member of the congregation and the Local History Society, spent a considerable amount of time collecting papers and cataloguing them. During this time most of the artefacts were either filed at the Greater London Records Office or retained at St Martin’s. As a result we have many historical documents relating to past events in addition to the Parish Archives of documents relating to births, marriages and deaths. 


It is possible to follow up queries raised by members of the congregation and the general public. Searches for information from the Archives are handled on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10.00am to 12 noon in church.


Typical questions received include:

-    I understand that some of my relatives are buried in your churchyard. Could you confirm this for me?

-    My daughter was baptised at Saint Martin's. Can I have a copy of the certificate?

-    I was married in Saint Martin's and I need a copy of the marriage certificate?

-    Can my School have a tour of the Church?

-    Can I arrange a visit to view documents for research into my family tree? 

-    Have you any information on Lady Bankes?

-    Have you any details of Queen Mary's vist to Ruislip in 1950?


If you have a query that our Parish Archives may be able to help answer then please contact the Parish Office in the first instance.


We make no charge for the work involved with these searches but you might like to consider making a donation to the church funds.

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