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Our Foodbank Needs You

Hillingdon Foodbank provides emergency food supplies to people in need. Our service is in greater demand than ever before and depends on volunteers to perform the following roles:


Dating & Sorting

Checking the ‘Use By’ dates on donated food and sorting it into categories (eg. pasta, soup, tea/coffee etc.)



Food items are packed into bags as a three-day emergency supply for a single person, couple or family.


The above roles are performed at our warehouse in Oxford Rd, a short walk from Uxbridge Station. If you are able to spare an hour or two (or more) every week to help, it would be much appreciated.


Bulk Collection/Distribution

Food donations are collected from local churches, supermarkets, offices and schools and taken back to the warehouse. Once these donations have been sorted and packed (see above) they are taken out to our distribution centres across the Borough of Hillingdon. We currently have two vans. Each of them needs a driver and, ideally, a co-driver. These roles require a commitment to a shift of approximately five hours, once a week. Please note that some heavy lifting is involved.

Distribution to Individuals

Some people in need are unable to travel to our distribution centres. We have a roster of volunteers who use their own cars to collect emergency supplies from our warehouse and deliver them to the doorsteps of these individuals. If you are able to spare an hour or two (or more) every week to help, it would be much appreciated


If you are interested in finding out more about any of these roles, please contact Mark Stimpson.

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